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July 9, 2019

Teeth Whitening 101: Everything You Need to Know About Achieving a Whiter Smile

Your smile is one of the first attributes that people notice about you, but with so many DIY treatments out there these days it’s hard to choose the safest teeth whitening method. When it comes to teeth, most people feel that brighter is better.

June 15, 2019

When Should I Start Taking My Child To The Dentist?

Often times, adults with major tooth problems admit to not having learned how to properly care for their mouths when they were younger. Educating our children about the importance of oral hygiene is critical to ensure they maintain the health of their mouths into adulthood.

April 30, 2019

Proper Oral Care Before & After a Dentist Appointment

The way you care for your teeth before and after your next dentist appointment will determine the longevity of your treatment. Dental work can be very expensive, so pre and post-operative care of your mouth is essential.

March 23, 2019

Common Types of Dental Diseases

Our mouths host millions of bacterial cells; some are beneficial, while others can be very harmful. Bacteria is only one cause of the many oral diseases that can affect the different areas of our mouths.

February 23, 2019

How Are Your Teeth Numbered? Understanding Your Dental Chart

Trying to interpret your dental x-rays can be very confusing, so it’s no surprise that many people are afraid of the dentist. The good news is, it’s easy to learn how to read your dental chart.

November 21, 2018

Your Regular Dental Checkup: The MAJOR Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends your regular dental checkup “at intervals determined by a dentist” rather than biannually. The recommendation many patients receive exceeds two.

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