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What is a dental implant?
A dental impact is a medical treatment in which a screw-like metal post is placed under the gums through a surgical procedure.
These posts are fixed into the jaws of patients providing a natural appearance & feel. It is one of the most advanced methods for replacing tooth and considered a long-lasting solution. A great number of patients are smiling with full confidence with our dental implant treatment.
Benefits of an implant vs. bridge
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Responsive imageWhenever someone loses a tooth in an accident, or there is a need to remove one through surgical treatment, there is often a choice between a dental implant and bridge for replacing it. There are certain benefits of each treatment that differ from one to another.
Responsive imageAn implant is a surgical treatment, whereas bridges don't involve such a process as a tooth is fitted through a straightforward dental procedure. Implants last much longer than patient's expectations, but cost little bit more. The bridges are a cost-effective treatment, but they doesn't last as much as implants.
Responsive imageGoing for the implants is the best solution if you are ready for surgery & afford this treatment. Bridges is perfect for people who want a quick treatment & doesn't want to go for surgery.
Here, a team of experts will assess your case & suggest the perfect treatment as per that.
How do we perform implants- Complete Guided Process?
The implants are performed in three stages that we have broken down below:
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There will be free consultation provided by our dental where the case will be discussed. A complete personalized treatment plan will develop by them. After that, the date for the first appointment will be provided.
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In the next 4 to 6 months, the work for settling down implants will get done along with integrating them with jawbone. We will provide a temporary denture for comfort during the treatment process.
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In the second stage, the healing cap is added to the implant that will remain in mouth from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the situation. In the meantime, the expert dental technicians working for us will develop a dental crown that will be perfectly compatible with your mouth.
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In the last one, we will fit dental crown by ensuring that it let you feel comfortable in your mouth. It can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks for finishing, but the result will be smiles everywhere.
How to pay-Financing/ Insurance?
Both of these options are available at our dental clinic. You have a choice to bear the treatment cost with our interest-free financing where you pay charges monthly over the loan term. There will be a detailed quotation provided by our team regarding this perspective. On the other hand, the insurance can be claimed for this treatment in case the patient has enrolled in medical policy.
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Am I the right candidate?
The right candidate for a dental implant is the one who has good oral health. There is a requirement for adequate bones in jaw for supporting the implant. The patients who have healthy gum tissues are considered the best candidates for dental implants.
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How long does an implant last?
If you ask our dental professionals, the implants can last a lifetime if placed skillfully by professionals & maintained properly by patients. Choose an experienced & high-trained team for this treatment, and we are pretty assured that you won't face any problem. Other than that, you have to preserve them rightfully by brushing twice & flossing them at least once daily. Also, don't forget consulting with your doctors as per the recommendation.
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