The team at Greg Campbell DDS understands that your dental anxiety may make it difficult to receive the care you need. We offer sedation dentistry to alleviate the effects of dental phobia. Using safe and effective sedation measures, we relax patients who feel too scared or overwhelmed to sit calmly during an exam or procedure. We’ll help you select the form of sedation that best suits your needs.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is our patients’ favorite form of sedation dentistry. This colorless and odorless gas is used as a safe and easily controlled form of sedation during dental procedures. It’s best known as laughing gas because it creates a light, pleasant feeling that eliminates anxiety.

Unlike other forms of sedation that require IVs or injections, laughing gas is easily administered through a face mask. As you inhale, nitrous oxide gradually slows your body’s reaction time. Without immediate responses to pain and fear, you can coast through your dental appointment feeling calm and relaxed. It’s even safe for children!

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