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Second visit to Dr. Campbell’s office (just to make sure ) and this place definitely warrants a review! I found them in my insurance plan site after being unsure of a care plan from my dentist of the past few years. I had a painful festering gum issue and I’m no expert, but thought there must be a better answer than the fix he suggested. The staff was attentive to me over the phone, quick to check into my coverage and got me in for an appointment next day with Dr. Leland. The office itself is super clean, hi-tech and the check in process was easy and efficient. Dr. Leland herself was SO fantastic, she took a look at my gums and agreed there was a less invasive way to go about it and yep- I found relief THAT DAY! Some gentle rescaling and I was out the door, happily making an appointment for my next cleaning as a new patient. Had that regular cleaning this week and not surprised to find out the old hygienist wasn’t doing as thorough a job as they could have been. Tu let me know what she was doing and what to expect as I finally got a great cleaning. Then onto a check up with Dr. Leland and her assistant and again, no shocker- I have a few issues. My personal dental plan coverage recently changed and not everything is covered here, but you know what? The care is SO GOOD it’s worth it to pay out of pocket! They worked out a prioritized care plan I can live with to chip away at the issues I have without breaking the bank all at once. The staff was, as always, thorough in their explanation, scheduling and giving me everything in print. I’ve not been this happy with any provider since moving to California. Thank you Dr. Campbell & Co.!
Amanda D. | Yelp

I have always had Dr. Greg Campbell do my work, he is an outstanding dentist. Today I had Dr Leland working on me. It was also an excellent experience. She was gentle, confident, and very sweet. Her work turned out beautifully. I had a cosmetic procedure for a broken tooth. She was very conscientious of my visual satisfaction as well how it felt in my mouth. I appreciate her gentle Precision and professionalism.
Patricia C. | Yelp

We’ve been going here for about three years now. And I have to say it’s the best experience ever. Dr Campbell and dr Leland are great with kids. We have four boys and we live on Catalina, and they manage to get us all in at the same time and out of the office very quickly. Very friendly ladies at the front desk and the dentists are very good at what they do. And also they have a hygienist named Tu, and she is the best hygienist ever. Always leave there feeling like I got my money’s worth. Highly recommended.
Jesse M. | Yelp

First off this is my very first Yelp review! *sound fireworks* I don’t ever write reviews, I merely am a Yelp lurker who faithfully uses Yelp yet rarely participates. A shame I know, but my point is that I felt compelled to write this review. I’m 25 years old and have never had a cavity before. So the other day when I found out I had 5 cavities *gasps*, not only was it very upsetting that my long-standing record was tarnished but it also made me dread my approaching fate of being drilled *shivers*. I thought okay maybe now I’ll hate the dentist as I’ve heard so many people say times before. So despite all this, the end result was that Dr. Leland was so amazing. I didn’t even realize I was getting a filing! I was so comfortable the entire time (I even had a lovely pillow to rest my head on) and I seriously almost fell asleep. She also was very thorough and explained everything step by step. I experienced NO pain at all. I have already recommended this office to everyone that I know and am beyond thankful for all the Yelp commenters that guided me to this teeth angel.
L.M S. | Yelp

I used to work in the dental business and know the materials they use, how they treat patients, and what the rest of people in the industry say about dental offices. This place is stellar. Dr. Campbell teaches other dentists how to do certain procedures, specifically inlays/onlays and crowns. Other people pay him to learn from him. THAT’S how good he is. Not only do they use top notch techniques and materials but everyone I’ve met at their office is nice and is on top of things. I’ve refered co-workers there and they’ve had a great experience too. Dr. Leland is awesome, Tu is awesome. Nuff said. Auf.
Dave K. | Yelp

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