2D/3D Dental X-Rays Near You

X-rays are the best way for your dentist to get a good look at your teeth, jaw, and gums. Using an X-ray, your dentist can evaluate the overall condition of your mouth and identify any developing problems. With modern technology, that process is now quicker, safer, and easier than ever before. The use of digital X-rays can help to reduce radiation exposure, all while giving your dentist a clear and detailed image from which they can more accurately diagnose and treat issues.

In order to maintain your oral health, the team at Greg Campbell, DDS, recommends having routine 2D X-rays taken once per year and a more comprehensive assessment through 3D X-rays done once every five years. If you’re in need of 2D/3D X-rays in Long Beach, CA 90807, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

2D/3D Dental X-rays In Long Beach
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