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There’s Nothing “Routine” About Your Dental Cleanings: Oral Care Near Me

Intermittent, preventative dental cleanings are the best way to protect your smile from diseases like cavities and periodontitis. Depending on your past oral health and where your smile is headed, you might need a cleaning anywhere between every 3-6 months. Preventative oral care in Long Beach can help you enjoy healthy teeth that last the rest of your life! Scheduling a dentist appointment “near me” with our Long Beach team will help get your dental health back on the right track.

How Often Should I See a Dentist?

People with healthy teeth and gums tend to do best with a preventative care appointment every six months. But individuals who have active periodontal infections or were previously treated for gum disease, they may need to be seen as frequently as every 3-4 months. The reason being is that hard-to-reach areas may harbor bacteria that cause relapse and additional bone loss.

Professional oral care in Long Beach is a smart investment. Especially since most dental insurance plans cover up to 100% of two cleanings and exams per year. Even with a professional cleaning every six months, those of us with good brushing and flossing habits can still see a little buildup here and there. By removing it while it’s still mild, you’ll be able to maintain your oral health and preserve your smile.

What’s Included?

Most of us think about our dental checkup as a basic cleaning. Sure, a cleaning is part of it, but there’s far more to it than just that. Preventative oral care in Long Beach should include:

A Thorough Exam — Intermittent dental exams allow us to assess changes in your bite from one visit to the next. As we monitor your tooth alignment, TMJ function, bone levels, and integrity of existing dental work, we can pinpoint issues that are only just beginning to develop (when they’re easier and more affordable to correct.)

Prophylactic Cleaning — Only your dental provider has the tools and training to safely remove calcified buildup from your teeth (especially just under the edges of your gum tissues.) Although you may prefer the polishing part that comes at the end of your cleaning, it’s the scaling away of buildup that’s the most integral part of your care! The best “oral care near me” should never be rushed, so be sure to work with a hygiene team that’s thorough and gentle.

Periodontal Evaluation — Any time you’re scheduling a dentist appointment (near me) be sure to ask about whether a periodontal evaluation is included. This specific step in your exam will screen for gum disease and measure the attachment levels around each tooth. The earlier periodontal infections are addressed, the less likely you are to lose your smile to gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screening — Your dentist knows your mouth better than practically anyone. “Routine” oral care in Long Beach is actually an excellent opportunity to get screened for precancerous and cancerous tissues inside of your mouth. Sadly, this dangerous disease is difficult to diagnose on your own until it reaches a more aggressive stage. And most people won’t have all of their oral tissues screened for cancer during a routine medical checkup. Oral cancer screenings with our Long Beach dentist could essentially save your life.

Diagnostic Imaging — Digital X-rays and similar imaging methods make it possible to screen for disease before it’s visible to the naked eye. That way it can be intercepted as early as possible and before it spreads into adjacent areas or teeth. 3D CT scanning technology can even help assess bone density, TMJ function, and be used to plan required therapies like oral surgery, dental implant placement, and others.

Dentist Appointment Near Me

Looking for oral care near me? Greg Campbell DDS offers comprehensive preventative care as well as more advanced therapies at our Long Beach location. If it’s been six months or longer since your last checkup, contact us today to reserve an exam and professional cleaning.

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