Teeth Whitening in Long Beach

Tips for Picture-Perfect Summer Smiles

Are you planning to get family portraits done anytime soon? Maybe a professional headshot? Or perhaps a bridal portrait package? Having a picture-perfect smile is easy with the help of our dentist in Long Beach.

Teeth Whitening in Long Beach

One of the fastest and most dramatic ways to enhance your smile is to have your teeth professionally whitened. Working with a dentist like Dr. Campbell or Dr. Leland will help you get the best results since you’ll have a tailored application system and professional-grade products.

Whitening safely lifts both accumulated dental stain as well as bleaches the natural color of your tooth.

Depending on how quickly you need to see results (and if you have an important deadline to meet) you can choose between a same-day whitening application or a set of take-home trays. If you’re opting for the take-home route, give yourself two weeks to see full results. For in-office whitening, your teeth will be multiple shades brighter on the very same day.

Composite Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a simple, minimally-invasive option for erasing tiny flaws in your teeth. If you have minor chips, gaps, or irregular enamel, bonding quickly covers them up. Dr. Campbell or Dr. Leland shapes the material directly to your tooth and cures it with a bright light. The outcome is immediate.

Bonding works well for our patients with healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. In Long Beach, it also offers a more conservative alternative to something like veneers or multiple crowns. But there are careful selection criteria so be sure to find out if you qualify, first.

Tooth and Gum Recontouring

Symmetry is an important piece of helping a smile look attractive. Just one area of uneven enamel or gum tissue can cause your entire smile to appear “off” or lopsided, even if it really isn’t.

With recontouring, we can slightly adjust the shape and edges of teeth or gum tissues to help them blend more smoothly with the surrounding areas. Usually, it’s a very minimally invasive process. Recontouring can also be paired with bonding to help build out areas that lack depth or volume.

Go Big or Go Home

When you’re searching for the best cosmetic dentistry in Long Beach, be sure to give dental veneers some consideration. Veneers provide Hollywood-ready smile makeovers in as little as a couple of weeks. These cosmetic restorations are bonded over the upper front teeth in your “smile zone” to instantly make them appear whiter, straighter, and appropriately shaped. You can even specify the contour and hue down to the finest detail. No whitening or braces are necessary! Depending on the width of your smile, most of our Long Beach veneers patients get anywhere from 6-10 veneers in total.

Why Invest in a Gorgeous Smile?

Having beautiful teeth gives you the confidence to smile freely whenever you want, not just when you’re having pictures made or planning for a big event. The gift of a gorgeous smile is something that can impact everything from your self-esteem to the impression you make on the people around you. Chances are that when you feel comfortable with the way your teeth look, you’ll want to show them off even more. And when you do, you’ll seem happier and healthier than ever before!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Long Beach

Depending on the timeframe you’re working with, Dr. Campbell or Dr. Leland can complete your smile makeover in as little as one visit! Options like bonding or teeth whitening in Long Beach only need a bit of planning (and a brief screening) to make sure you’re ready for your pictures on time.

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